Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Difference Between Public and Private

At the request, or really, at the insistence of Madre and Tardie I will be sharing a rather embarrasing incident that happened about a month ago. You are all aware of my olympic dreams, yes? I am making some good progress on that goal by the way.
So anyways, every Friday night I have a riding lesson after work. Generally I change into my riding clothes in my branches lunchroom. It's small, no one goes in there, no cameras, there is space to spread out my multiple layers needed for riding in the winter, etc etc. No one had ever bothered me, especially since the office is a ghost town on Friday evenings. But that's the way it always goes you know, nothing happens until it happens. Now as you can guess, this one particular Friday something happened. Rather, IT happened.
The worst IT.
One of my bosses. A man old enough to be my father.
In the partial nude. Riding pants on, shirt off. In the middle of changing into my sports bra.
 And no, I was not looking for a raise. At least not like that.
I have since started changing in the bathroom. Mostly because the bathrooms are private as opposed to the public lunchroom.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Apple juice?

My absolute favorite of all the juices and it is not just for infants.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I Am An Athlete

Well, at least according to Madre. And let's just be brutally honest, her standards? Not so high. She claimed athlete status for herself after I think two trips to the gym in a week that involved sweating.

Well, after a 6 month hiatus from any physical activity (other than riding), I ran and sweat twice in one week. The second run was even a road race, which I finished in a blistering 31-ish minutes.

Usain Bolt better watch it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gingerbread House: A Family Collaboration

Now what you can't tell is that the Greenwood arsonist caused some damage to the smaller side of the roof. And I had to do some emergency repairs on the sides with super-glue. Good thing no one ever eats these! M put the pieces together, so that's why the piece with the front door is upside down. We don't want any visitors who can't figure out how to get in. Also, there were supposed to be two short chimneys, but M combined them into one tall chimney instead. You know how those architects can be, taking creative liberties whenever they get the chance.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

We Used To Do What?

So I was watching Mary Poppins tonight, and I had totally forgotten how awesome that movie is. Too bad I have to give it back to the library in two weeks.

However, while watching it I remembered something my sisters (all four of us) used to do as children. When we were eating jello, we would swish it around in our mouths until it turned back into liquid, then we would spit it out into the spoon. And now here is where things get really good, we would drink the liquid jello back up while acting out Mary Poppins. You know, the scene where Mary Poppins gives the kids medicine and each spoonful she pours is a different flavor.

Mmmm strawberry!

Lime cordial, delicious!

Ah, rum punch.

Now that I think about it, I realize how truly disgusting that is.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


So I was visiting N in DC for Thanksgiving. It was pretty grand.

Obviously, N is my idol and since she lives in a studio apartment, I got to share her bed. She got to rediscover that I snuggle at night. Oops.

Anyways, I met her friend from school who is fluent in six languages. Six. And even though next year will be his third year in law school he wants to learn a seventh for fun. I wish I was a language savant like he is. That would be so freaking awesome.

I think I would choose to learn the following:

French, because I took that in high school and college.

Spanish so I could communicate with more people in the states.

Italian, because I love Italy.

Mandarin (or is Cantonese more popular?), for business.

German, so I can express my frustration without fear of repercussions at work.

Too bad sleep learn tapes don't work, I would totally buy them and use them nightly.